About Us

Our Epic Journey

Picture this: a band of work buddies, booted out from their old job, decided to roll up their sleeves and dive into the business world. Meet Layla, Wafeeqah, and Fabian - the dynamic trio who teamed up to kickstart a small business, even roping in some old work pals for the adventure.

Armed with bravery and a sprinkle of luck, we set up shop in a cozy little factory in Epping, Cape Town, where our squad gets to sprinkle their magic.

What felt like a rough start actually unfolded into a shiny new chapter!


Our Stellar Creations

Elula, which means "simple" in Xhosa, is our vibe - furniture for the simple life.

We craft stunning pieces with a team that's all heart and skill. Our mission? To whip up a range of locally-made furniture using materials that are eco-friendly, locally sourced, and adored by our customers.


Our Crafty Skills

We take pride in every piece being custom-made and crafted right here in our workshop. Clients can tweak anything - from size and color to design - to make it their own.

Beyond offering a sweet selection of furniture, we're here to serve up a full package deal for tradesfolk and retailers. Whether they need our top-notch CNC cutting skills or a full-fledged product line ready for the shelves, we've got it covered!

B-BBEE Status
"Elula Furniture Pty Ltd is classified as a Qualifying Small Enterprise as per the Amended Codes of Good Practice (Government Gazette 36928) with a BB-EE Status of Level 1)."
This company has a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 135% in terms of the Clause 5.3 of the Amended Broad-based Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice.