Got a lightbulb moment or stumbled upon some dazzling Pinterest eye candy?

Maybe you're dreaming up a custom creation or need a hand with design and production. Welcome to Elula Furniture, where we offer a one-stop-shop for everyone from the public to trade pros and retailers alike!

Whether you just need some fabrication magic or a full-blown design extravaganza, we've got your back. From crafting furniture to jazzing up exhibition stands, whipping up signage, restoring vintage gems, or giving kitchens a makeover, we do it all.

And hey, if you've got super-secret designs that need cutting or crafting, we're all ears! Our lips are sealed with an NDA. So, dive into our world of furniture design, joinery, painting, upholstery, and more. Let's create some magic together!

Breakdown of services offered:

  • Furniture design and manufacture
  • Exibition stand building
  • Signage
  • Furniture restoration
  • Kitchen cupboards new builds and restoration
  • New upholstery and re-upholstery
  • Wall paneling
  • Interior and exterior painting and finishing